About us

Located in Bemidji, MN, CDL Express rents out a vehicle with or without a trailer for your commercial driver's license exam, practice driving, backing and pre-trip inspection.  

Why did we start this?  When we went to get our own CDLs, we realized there was no where to rent a truck in Northern Minnesota and we had to travel to do the practice and exam, and then travel again for a retest.  After hearing many similar stories from people in Bemidji and nearby cities, we decided to give people the option to do it locally and affordably.  Compare our pricing - you won't find a better deal!

All you need to rent a truck from us and take your road test is to get a 6 month permit from any Minnesota driver's exam center by passing the knowledge tests.  You will need to pass the general knowledge and air brake tests for a Class B license, and if applying for a Class A license, you will also need to pass the combination vehicle knowledge test.
That's it!  You're ready to practice and take the road test.

Important!  Minnesota recently made changes to their commercial driver's licenses.  They will now be placing automatic transmission only restrictions on class A and B CDL licenses unless the road test is performed in a truck equipped with a manual transmission.  With that restriction, a person may not legally drive a truck with a manual transmission.

Minnesota is also placing a tractor-trailer restriction on class A licenses unless the road test is performed in a full tractor-trailer setup.  This restriction prevents a class A license holder from driving a tractor-trailer.  

We are currently in the process of purchasing a similar additional truck that meets these requirements.  Until that's finished, we aren't able to offer a manual transmission truck that also meets the requirements for driving semi rigs.  We're working to get one as soon as possible!