DOT Medical Exam

The DOT Medical Exam is a basic health screen and drug test.  The medical exam is concerned with any issues that may result in problems controlling the vehicle.  For example, people with untreated diabetes, untreated sleep apnea or epilepsy could lose consciousness while driving.  They want to make sure the person has the ability to physically control the vehicle.  They also usually check eye sight and blood pressure.  

Medical issues don't necessarily disqualify a person - waivers can be issued for certain medical issues. 

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In Bemidji, DOT Medical Exams can be given by Sanford Health Occupational Medicine which is located next to the Sanford walk-in clinic at 1705 Anne St NW.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling 218-333-3500.  

Many other health providers give these exams - call your local clinic or search for occupational health providers in your area.