Where is the test performed?  Where do I meet you?
The testing is started in the large parking lot located across from the driver vehicle services office near the intersection of Paul Bunyan Drive and 2nd Street NW in Bemidji.
How do I schedule an appointment?
The best way to do schedule an appointment is to contact us and have us schedule the appointment with the state driver's exam office.  We can give you a list of open appointment dates based on our availability and the exam center's open slots.  If you schedule your own appointment, we can't always guarantee it will work with our schedule.
Am I ready to take a class A test?
A class A test is more difficult than a class B test.  Most people who have had any experience backing trailers (boats, campers, utility trailers, etc) do well.  People who have a difficult time knowing which way to turn the wheel while backing and aren't familiar with how a trailer responds will have a more difficult time with the trailer backing exercises.
Are you a driving school?
No. We are strictly a truck rental company and not a driving school. There is no classroom time and we cannot provide driving instruction.
Do you rent out vehicles for testing in other cities?
Yes, this is certainly an option.  However, because of the fuel required to travel to another testing site, there is a $1.00 per mile round-trip charge.  It is usually far more cost effective to drive to Bemidji where the truck is located, but going to another city can sometimes get you in sooner.
Will there be any restrictions to my CDL license if I rent through you?
Passing the test using a tractor/trailer with a manual transmission and air brakes will result in an unrestricted CDL license.
Do you rent out a truck for a class B test?
No, we don't currently have a truck that meets the requirements for a class B test.
Can I take the test with an expired permit?
Surprisingly, yes.  You are allowed one road test with an expired permit.  You can not, however, legally practice drive with an expired permit.